Freletics Coach Question

What You Need Ask Yourself Before Getting the Freeletics Coach

We keep seeing this question over and over, is Freeletics Coach worth it? or, Will it work for me? There are MANY people struggling with Freeletics who are wondering this exact same thing. Does this mean that Freeletics Coach isn’t for them? Not at all. This has more to do with your inner talk than anything […]

Freeletics Warm-Up

Warm-Up and Injury Prevention

Freeletics is a high intensity form of exercise and it is vital to properly warm-up before doing any kind of exercies. It’s important to see a medical professional before starting any program if you have any kind of existing joint or ligament injuries. If your ankles, knees, or lower back are injured, this will drastically […]

freeletics aphrodite

Aphrodite – Freeletics Workout

The Aphrodite routine is one of the most popular routines, especially for those using the free version of the app. This routine has been designed to test your overall fitness level and in fact, could be used as a fit test for those who are starting Freeletics. The workout uses only 3 movements, the burpee, the […]