Freeletics – What Is It?

People who are well-aware of high intensity workout must have heard the term Freeletics. It is an innovative German sport. This workout program is backed by a predefined set of high intensity body training. All the workouts are designed for bodyweight only class. You can follow the workout guide in a non-stop fashion. Most of the workout takes an average time of 35 to 45 minutes.

You need to complete the workout session as fast as possible. This way you can measure your performance as compared to the athletes. It is a trending fitness sport and you can join the program individually or in a group.

Learn the German Way of Staying Fit – With Freeletics!

The program is currently getting popular because of mass response and its effectiveness among the body-weight only genre. The program was co-founded by Joshua Cornelius, Andrej Matijczak and Mehmet Yilmaz. It is a trademark body training program available through email, mobile app. It is a paid fitness package. However, the basic training package is available for free.

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Freeletics – 100 Day Transformation

If you have access to these sites, then you can search and join the official community for latest updates.

This is a fitness start-up program designed for individuals with excessive weight problems. People with excessive body fat can get an athlete like figure with a predefined set of workout program comprised of mostly stretching, sprinting and other bodyweight exercise. This training program can be conducted in outdoor parks, sports arenas, gyms or at home with no additional workout equipment needed for most of the high intensity training modules. Some exercise modules require a wall, a running track, and a pull-up bar.

The Freeletics program is commercially available to the worldwide fitness fanatics since 2013. The program also has its social presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Vimeo.

That is all you need for a complete Freeletics training program.

Freeletics Training – Getting Started

The beginning phase of the Freeletics workout program is typically intensive and you should be prepared to touch your limits. The Beginner’s workout to this start-up exercise is called Aphrodite. Very similar to the fit-test in other programs, Aphrodite let’s you see where you are and what you need to work on.

In this high intensity workout regime, faster you complete the whole workout plan the better is your performance. It usually takes more than an hour in the beginning but with daily practice, you can improve your completion time quite rapidly.It won’t be easy!

What to Expect First Week of Freeletics

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1st Week of Freeletics

During the first week, you can workout 4-5 times and it is just fine. As you adapt to the intensity, you can increase the duration and minimize the break time for pushing up your limits.  The workouts you do are based on your goals with the program. Is it cardio or strength? Although some of the programs overlap, the workouts that make up the program are geared for different outcomes.

Secret to Freeletics: Tracking Your Personal Best or PB

The time you take to complete the plan is called your personal best or PB. In case you accomplish the training session without any modified repetition, your PB receives a star.In the Freeletics performance log, the star PB times always get higher ranks than normal PB time. This method applies to slower star PB times as well.

Freeletics is a body training program like the athletes follows in order to keep their body fit and firm. Therefore, you need to have an athlete like agility in order to get the best out of this body-weight only training.

In order to look like an athlete, you must follow the highly intense workout pattern like the athletes follow.

This is the core of this effective fitness program for bodyweight category. You can join a Freeletics training gym or a group of fitness enthusiasts for daily practice without any compromise and laziness that you are most likely to get trapped when you are doing this at your home. If you have enough determination and a pre-set target to lose weight, you can definitely reap the benefits that this fitness program can provide.

Freeletics Beginner Workout Plans

Starting Freeletics

Starting Freeletics

You can get the free beginners workout plan by installing the lite Freeletics app for iOS and Android devices. The app covers the free workout plans. For the paid workout plans, you need to buy the pro app for this fitness program. The paid fitness guide contains all the basic and advanced training modules with detailed description of goal-oriented training sessions. It is a 15 week workout plan with performance monitor tools and information of nutritious diet plans during each level of body training.

When you register at the official Freeletics website, you will get a weekly newsletter.

The newsletter contains relevant information and reviews from the people who have successfully completed the whole program. This will inspire you a lot in training yourself to a tight and toned figure. Give your dear belly a final goodbye as soon as you start practicing this high intensity workout program. Set your goals properly and follow the right fitness plan predefined for your goal.

You can start by losing those extra pounds from your body and gradually move towards getting stronger and building up muscles. You can follow the paid guide book for better training, assistance with goal-oriented plans. It helps you adapt to this highly intense fitness program and accomplish your fitness goals faster than you have speculated.